How to Prepare Your Car for a Texas Winter

Prepare Your Car for a Texas Winter

Texas may not see ice and snow very often in winter, but when it does, it can be disastrous. Since many Texans aren’t exposed to the winter elements, they often aren’t prepared to drive on slick roadways. Fortunately, we here at Hyundai of Longview have a few tips on how to prepare your car for a Texas winter.

Plan Ahead

Preparing your car is just as much about preparing yourself for what the upcoming season holds in store. Winter driving in Longview is only dangerous if slick roads come as a surprise. One of the best ways to avoid going in blind, so to speak, is to check the local weather prior to getting behind the wheel. Planning ahead, whether that means giving yourself more time or not going out all, can help prevent a potential accident from occurring at all.

Fill the Tank

Gas prices aren’t the cheapest they’ve ever been, but a full tank is a small price to pay if it means functioning fuel lines. If a gas tank is left below half full, moisture can collect and freeze in the fuel lines, effectively preventing the vehicle from starting. That’s a problem no Longview resident wants to run into!

Check the Battery

Cold weather means the battery has to work harder to start the car. Weak batteries may not have enough charge to do so, leaving you with a major problem on your hands, especially if you’re in a remote area. As a general rules, batteries should be replaced every three years, depending on how the vehicle is maintained and housed.